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Read about Frank and George (Cockerels)

Welcome to Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary

Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary , based in Warwickshire (Shakespeare country), is a wonderful animal sanctuary established by Carole Webb in 1988. It is currently home to more than 470 farm animals and at it's peak, has cared for over 800 animals at one time.

All fundraising time is volunteered and there are no offices to maintain and no directors to pay. 100% of your donation will go to our animals to feed, shelter and to provide medical care. We never make profits and always invest the money into our animals and the land they live on.

Read the Roy Hattersley article that was printed in the Daily Mail on December 18th 2007.
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Summer 2014 Shearing & Hay Appeal

Funding for Hay & Shearing desperately needed!

Contractor Mike just finishing the shearing of Dave with Dave's magnificent fleece in the foreground.  All of the sheep are then treated with 'Clik' to give them protection against Fly-Strike which the warm and humid weather encourages.

All nicely sheared and all overgrown hoofs trimmed, the sheep are relaxed out in the field and shading under a tree. All the shearing, hoof trimming etc. takes around 8/9 days to complete every year.

Could you help with either of these appeals?

The annual cost of sheep shearing and treatment is huge and seriously depletes our finances. We also need to stock up with hay at this time of year to save on feed costs in the wintertime.  There is much other work to be done throughout the summer and this all takes it's toll. Quite often we are literally struggling to survive and pay for feed and veterinary costs, therefore your help and support really does make a difference...

>Thank you to all for your kind and much appreciated support.

  Shearing Appeal:  £   
 Hay/Straw Appeal:  £   

Please send cheque donations made out to -
'Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary'
and post to either address below:

c/o J. Pinkston
Vine Cottage
The Green
PE28 5PP

Woolly Park Farm
Saddlebow Lane
CV37 0HQ

Farm Animal Cruelty

Some of our animals have escaped the horrendous "Live Export Trade". These animals have suffered a lot and they deserve the peace they now enjoy. Creatures which are too often dismissed as stupid and worthless show remarkable intelligence and gentleness once you've dispelled their fear. See the great characters at Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary.

adopt an animal with us today! Whether they be exhausted cull ewes that have been forced to breed beyond any capacity that nature intended, or animals badly injured due to careless and rapid loading of terrified sheep on to ill designed transporters. A lucky few have found their way to Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary but the unfortunate majority are left to cope. For as the need for profit increases so man's compassion lessens and the victims continue to suffer.

Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary's costs are very high and we have to rely upon a sympathetic public to fund the sanctuary. Our membership is small but their loyalty is unmatched.  All time is volunteered, no wages to pay, no offices to maintain - every penny goes to our animals to feed, shelter and to provide medical care.

Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary's most important TARGET must be to secure a monthly income. Can you help? Make a donation to Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary.

Shop online at your favourite High Street stores and you will be supporting us too!

Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary UK
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*Sanctuary photos*

Snow & Storm

Sanctuary supporter Stefanie visiting
her adopted animals, Hansel & Gretel.


Do you have an unwanted caravan that you could donate to us?

We urgently seek an unwanted caravan in liveable condition to house voluntary worker(s) when they visit the sanctuary. Can you help?

Please ring - 07984 399617

Listen to farm sounds here:
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